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A healthy sex life

02 January, 2020 | Uncategorised

Nowadays we are living in a time where free sexual expression is a valued hard-earned right for both men and women, of any sexual orientation. Sex is not a taboo subject anymore, and that brings into the spotlight the importance of sexual health and sexual awareness.

In a world that has less meaningful connections and more superficial "solve my need and go" attitudes, people have more sexual partners than 10 pr 15 years ago. This means that using protection is of utmost importance. It is very important to understand the available options of protection and their limitations. For example, a surprisingly known fact is that condoms do not offer 100% protection for unwanted pregnancies and there are some STD that you can get even when using them.

But less known facts about sexual health involve the mind and it's capacity to affect libido and influence the quality of our sex life. Stress has a strong effect in the decrease of someone's libido. Another factor is a person's diet. Throughout history, people focused on the anatomical or chemical enhancements in order to improve their sexual health, but avoided the psychological aspects of it. Relying on pills, natural or not, or other male enhancement techniques, makes one ignore the relationship aspects of a sexual encounter.

It is a narcissistic approach that fails to take into consideration the other participant or participants in a healthy and satisfying intercourse. The most common male sexual dysfunction is premature ejaculation, defined as reaching climax in less than a minute after penetration. Instead of going for pills as a solution, one can take into consideration psychosocial factors like money trouble, work problems or relationship difficulties that can generate anxiety. This anxiety can be converted into performance anxiety and result in premature ejaculation. Focusing on the relationship and talking openly with one's partner can dissipate this anxiety and result in satisfying intercourse for both partners and an improved sexual health for them.

Another psychological cause for a drop in one's sexual health and satisfaction is depression. Depression can result in a drop in libido and sexual desire derived from it's main theme - a retreat from any social interactions. Pills that enhance potency or increase libido do not treat depression. But lifestyle changes and strengthening the romantic relationship can help address the underlying issues.

But sometimes there is an anatomic or hormonal imbalance. In this case, there are some natural sex pills that do not have the unwanted side effects of the pharmaceutical options. Improving women sexual health with supplements can be done by increasing their iron intake, which helps lubrication and makes it easier to reach orgasms. But too much iron can cause side effects like constipation or other side effects, so a dosage of 20mg per day is ideal for an ideal sexual health.

For men sexual health, there are some natural sex pills options. The best is L-arginine, an amino acid that was found to improve erections for one-third of men who took 5 grams of it daily for about 6 weeks. Other natural sex pills are B vitamins, that raise the good cholesterol level.
A healthy sex life means both hormonal balance and psychological equilibrium.