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Reasons for decreased libido in men and women

02 January, 2020 | Uncategorised

Sexual health at any age we all pay attention. The rate of decreasing libido usually increases with age, the higher the age, the higher the rate of decreasing libido. However, in recent years this proportion has been on the opposite trend - the number of young people with reduced libido is increasing in both sexes.

1. What is decreased libido?
Decreased libido is a sexual dysfunction, characterized by reduced symptoms or the absence of thoughts, fantasies, or desires related to sex. This symptom may persist or be intermittent and last for at least 6 months.

Both men and women can experience decreased libido. In particular, according to statistics, about 43% of women and 31% of men have experienced this condition. The disease is usually diagnosed in people who are in middle-aged and older, with chronic stress and with gynecological and male diseases.

2. Causes of decreased libido

There are many reasons for decreased libido in men and women sexual health, possibly due to psychological factors, influences from daily life or medical conditions:

- Stress: Hormones secreted by the body such as adrenaline and cortisol can cause decreased libido. Stress can also take your mind, leaving you no time to think about sex;

- Fatigue: According to research in the Journal of Sex Medicine also shows that lack of sleep increases cortisol hormone, leading to decreased libido;

- Unbalanced hormones: Your low testosterone and estrogen levels naturally lead to decreased libido;
- Depression: Poor mental health, depressive symptoms or any mental illness can affect libido. Antidepressants also affect the quality of sex life;

- Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism affects metabolism, thereby slowing the production of hormones that regulate libido;
- Inactive: Physical inactivity, weight gain, and mental stress can cause changes in the production of hormones, especially sex hormones testosterone and estrogen.

In addition, the decreased libido in women sexual health can be caused by such causes as: vaginal dryness makes sex uncomfortable; menopause in women cause decreased libido due to a drop in estrogen levels. This drop in estrogen causes the vagina to dry out and lead to difficult intercourse.

In men sexual health, testosterone decline is the main cause of decreased libido and penis is not easy for erection. The decline of testosterone can be caused by many factors such as poor health conditions in some parts such as the pituitary gland, penis, etc. and other factors. This usually occurs in men with diabetes and obesity. In addition, the decreased libido in men is also due to the impact of age.

3. How to overcome decreased libido
Decreased libido is only the tip of the iceberg, the hidden things behind it are major health problems. These are lifestyle problems, overworked work, mental stress; physical problems, chronic diseases, metabolic cardiovascular disease , etc.

For female and male enhancement, you should exercise, get a good rest, relieve stress in life, quit bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, stimulants. addictive substances; get enough sleep and regular health checkups, etc.

You can use natural sex pills such as oyster, chocolate, red pepper, papaya, etc.
When there are symptoms of reduced libido, do not hesitate to see the specialist for timely advice and treatment.