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Women Sexual Health

02 January, 2020 | Women

Women sexual health is often overlooked. Most companies and brands focus on men's sexual health, and why? Because talking about women and sex in the same sentence is still such a taboo topic. In this article, let's focus on women's libido and some suggestions on how to overcome erectile disfunction.

We often hear the old excuse, "the woman is always too tired for sex." Maybe sex is just being presented in the wrong way. No woman likes to be flat-out asked for it. Try a natural ED cure such as a nice date, followed by a sensual massage. That should be sure to boost her libido for the night. Treat her to some natural aphrodisiacs to boost her libido, (i.e: oysters). The woman's partner should help her feel relaxed. Feeling good mentally plays a strong role in women sexual health.

If a woman does not feel good about herself mentally, or is stressed or overwhelmed, she will not be in the right mindset for sex. This is where people may often confuse emotions for tiredness. Being mentally tired is not the same as being physically tired, but it can physically affect you. It can affect your libido, for example.

Another way to aid in women sexual health would be to take another look at any medications being taken. Sometimes certain prescriptions can strongly interfere with libido. Asking your doctor about it may help. For women on birth control, it may decrease your libido, so possibly trying other forms of birth control will help as well.

As for other natural ED cures, if women stay healthy they have better chances of higher libidos. Keeping your mind, body, and "down there" healthy are all very important aspects of women sexual health. If women stay in tune with their wants and needs in order to maintain this healthy trifecta, they can maintain a higher libido because they will simply feel better about themselves all around.

As human beings we need to stop the negative stigma around women sexual health. We need to accept and understand that women sexual health is just as important as men sexual health. The woman's libido is not some mythical story made up by men to fulfill their fantasies; rather it is a real-life instinct embedded in all humans equally. Yes, it may often times be harder for women to "get in the mood", but that is just because our sex organs and associated nerves are hidden under some external genitalia, whereas the male's is there external genitalia.

There are plenty of articles that claim to have all of the answer about natural ED cures and how to increase the female libido, but these listed above are simple suggestions. Often times, even just communicating with your partner about what you want or need during sex can make all of the difference. It can increase your libido for the time after because now you both have something to look forward to. Sex should be a fun experience for both parties, so figure out what it is that you would both enjoy that can make it something to look forward to.