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Man And Woman's Sex

02 January, 2020 | Uncategorised

God makes the beauty of the world with all replenishments just for human. All human do is filling the life by working hard to earn a living for him shelf and his family. Life means working hard to get better things, and we shouldn't surrender at all. God also makes everything in pairs, like right, and left, right and wrong, South and North, West, and East, male and female, and etc. They coherently need one another, and this is sustainable. God also descends His prosperity for those people who really work hard for better life.

All we have are miracle, Those are gorgeous gifts from God, including the most beautiful thing; sex. Sex is an activity between a man and woman, who are engaged in marital status for begetteth and begotten. It means they must do it in the degree of consanguinity. For the people who do this without it, is called fornication. Based on value of eastern sex is a crucial activity. Sex is a free and rightful amusement between husband and wife, and some religions consider this as one of the best act of worhsips to Gold Almighty. They just take it for granted.

We have intention for husband and wife only. Sexual health is an activity between husband and wife. The question how is a couple's sexual quality depends on each member's health it shelf. If a couple really takes care of health, it will sustain the quality of sex. We should be ingenuous in conversation if we have problems, and the things should not be concealed between each other (husband and wife).

Male enhancement can be triggered by watching such as sensual view. The wife attracts him in sexy appearance, showing her braid of bra, and seduce her man to immediately make love. This will lead the libido of man increase. A normal man will passionately take that challenge. We should do it in serene and comfortable situation and condition. What if the woman is frigid of sex? That's another problem which we must deal with well. We can see the doctor for medical check-up, and treatment. There is a problem, there is also solution.

We can see prosperous people, and they have no problem with finance, but they have problem with sex. This should be classified between husband and wife only. The third person is only their doctor. Some people also give advice an suggestion to take natural sex pills to have ravishing sex. In Indonesia we use these stuffs as our natural sex pills. Most of them are in hot drinking water. These are :

1. Garlic (Indonesia; bawang putih). Blend some garlics with blender, then we give the yolk for augmentation (the glair must be banished), next we add sufficient honey, and mix them well. It's easy, delicious and healthy,

2. A medicinal plant of ginger family (Indonesia; lempuyang). We can add corleander, curcuma, and honey. We should boil them in 250 ml (water), until they get welldone. Please serve it hotly. It's also easy, delicious, and healthy.

3. Milk, Egg, Honey, And Ginger (Indonesia; STMJ - Susu, Telur, Madu, Jahe). This is almost the same with number one. We take fresh milk or powder milk, or condensed milk, Take it sufficiently, next we give the yolk for augmentation (the glair must be banished), then we add ginger and honey. Add hot water and sugar as much as you like. Mix them well. Your luscious STMJ is ready to drink.

4. Goat Skewer Meat (Sate Kambing). We can eat this food to upgrade the vitality of men. It's source of protein, preventing anaemia and other good things. It's also palatable and healthy.

These are Indonesia's natural sex pills. Woman can also consume them properly to sustain her sexual health. We also must have some things which become our basic of good life. We should do some sports at least thrice a week, sufficient rest, intermittent fasting, and consuming healthy food and drink. Those things will stimulate sexual health sex certainly too.